I create apps

I provide complete software development services. I create cost effective, batteries-included solutions on platforms like web, mobile, desktop and cloud, using the modern JavaScript ecosystem and open source.

In all sizes

  • Cross-platform mobile apps for iOS & Android (React Native)
  • Web applications (React)
  • Desktop applications for Windows, Mac and Linux (cross platform Electron)
  • Backend cloud applications (Node.js, AWS)
  • DevOps (AWS, Google Cloud, GitHub, CI)
  • Applications for specialized embedded Linux computers (Raspberry Pi)

How does it work?

Need an idea or a potential project realized? I provide development of all the software needed to realize your project through an iterative development process. This means I provide rapid, continous feedback and the customer can continously track the progress of development through frequent test releases and management tools like GitHub.

Previous projects

Who am I?

  • 13 years of professional experience
  • Passion for creating excellent software
  • BSc in Software development
  • Experienced with media/video processing and automation.
  • Creator of the popular video editor LosslessCut
  • See more GitHub projects
  • mifi.no

Contact me

Mikael Finstad
+47 95 99 95 17
Mikael Finstad - Calmeyers gate 4 - 0183 Oslo - Norway